Like many people in todays world, our eating plans and diets are for ever changing, more and more people are suffering with intolerances and allergies, we, as a nation, are simply choosing to be more health conscious therefore demanding better quality in the food we choose to consume.  Whilst we make every effort to provide better quality & healthier foods, treats & snacks, we also understand that occasionally it doesn't hurt to indulge as long as it is all in balance!


With this in mind, we like to be able to offer a wide range of options and choice when it comes to the foods and cakes we offer to our customers, always taking into account eating Organic, where possible and in season.


Our passion is to offer choice, full flavour as well as accommodating many dietary requirements.


With this in mind, all our foods, snacks & cakes are 100% vegan.


We can also cater for the following:  ~ gluten free/intolerant   ~ dairy free ~ no added sugar  ~ nut free (although we do work with nuts) ~ no added salt


More and more, people of all ages are experiencing sensitivities, allergies and intolerances and as a growing caring business, we are here to support everyone so we can all enjoy good food regardless of what regime and diet we follow.


All our cakes are made to order, therefore when considering your order, please contact us directly with any specific dietary requirements and requests.


Our Gluten Free & Vegan Cakes (including Raw Cakes) cater between 8-10 slices.


Our Raw Energy Balls have no added sugars or fats and come in a number of flavours and quantities, for your taste and convenience.


For some helpful and delicious recipe tips and how best to ‘veggie food combine’,  please sign up to our newsletter or drop us an email with your enquiry. If you need a breakdown of ingredients, allergens etc. for any of our cakes or savoury foods, please contact us for more information on this.


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