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Breakfast is the most important part of the day.  It sets us up for the morning and depending on what we eat, it can energise us and help keep us going without leaving us craving other foods or feeling hungry.

I have always struggled to think of what to eat at breakfast time only because, having recently given up bread, I have struggled to think creatively ……..however no longer.

Like anything, wanting to eat healthily and being more creative requires some planning and I strongly believe that planning is the key to any successful meal and recipe creations.

I hope you enjoy the different breakfasts I have created for you to try at home.

french toast

Vegan French Toast

When I came across this in a vegan cafe in LA, I knew that I would be re-creating this delicious dish on a regular basis as it is one of my childhood favourites and if I can be truly honest, it is even better then the ‘egg and milky’ ones I remember.  Try it – […]

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Vegan Wholegrain Spelt Pancakes

Using spelt flour has many benefits.  Not only is it gluten free, it can aid blood circulation because of the copper and iron present in the flour as well as help build strong bones and boost the immune system.  I love eating wholegrain and came across this recipe whilst studying ‘Macrobiotics’.  Definitely worth a try […]

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