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Sweets are more than just simply desserts.  They balance savoury and with anything, like I have recently learnt in Macrobiotics and Yin and Yang concept, the are always opposites e.g. Sweet v Savoury!

That is why, in most cases, when we go out to a restaurant, after we have enjoyed our main savoury dishes(s), we like to enjoy a sweet dessert afterwards to complete the meal.

With this in mind, I love to create sweet treats, cakes, puddings and desserts using healthier ingredients, avoiding bad fats and refined sugars whilst opting for much more natural and less ‘sugar spiking’ sweeteners.

Here you will find a selection of much loved, much tried and tested dishes for you to try at home.

Your loved ones will be happy that you are not only feeding them dessert, you are truly showing them that you care by giving them something healthy & nutritious to enjoy.

raw cashew cheese

Vegan Cashew Cream

This nutty cream is so versatile and can be used in both desserts and savoury dishes.  It is a great natural vegan ‘cheese’ replacement as well as delicious added with other natural fresh fruits, vegetables and oils to create dressings. Ingredients Savoury: 1 cup raw unsalted cashes: soaked overnight 1.5 cups cold water Pinch of […]

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Raw Vegan Key Lime ‘Cheese’Cake

Delicious, decadent, smooth, zesty and creamy.  What more can I say?  This is a healthier alternative to the regular ‘cheese’cakes out there, using only natural non-processes fats and sugars to enhance the flavours and texture. Ingredients for crust 2 cups walnuts 1 cup chopped dates Pinch of Himalayan pink salt Instructions Process the crust ingredients […]

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raw peanut butter cookies

Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

These peanut butter cookies are so delicious, you won’t quite believe it.  They are a healthier snack to enjoy at home, the office or on the go and uses a small amount  of natural sugars to sweeten these beauties. Makes between 8-14 cookies depending on size Ingredients 1 cup almonds (you can use cashews, peanuts […]

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Banana & Date Loaf Cake

This loaf cake is a great afternoon treat as well as being an alternative healthy breakfast dish on the go, warmed and eaten on its own or with some peanut/almond butter.  This has no processed sugars, sweetness coming from the natural sweetness of the bananas and dates.  This cake is versatile and you can add […]

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Granola breakfast tart

Granola Tart

This tart is super healthy and nutritious and a great snack, breakfast dish and even delicious as a dessert.  It is versatile enough to add different toppings (yoghurts and creams, fruits, toasted nuts etc.) to change this tart to suit your needs. Serves 6 Ingredients Click here for my cinnamon granola recipe   3 tbsp […]

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Vegan ‘Jammy Dodger’ Raspberry Cookies

These cookies, although a little naughty, are so delicious and a great alternative to the ‘real thing’ as it is vegan. Makes approx. 12 cookies Ingredients 1/2 cup vegan butter (I use Vitalite) 1/4 cup white sugar (I have used both brown sugar, coconut sugar & maple syrup as a sugar alternative however the cookies […]

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Almond ‘thumb print’ Gluten Free Cookies

These cookies are so tasty, chewy in texture yet light.  They are great for those who are gluten intolerant as it uses only Almond flour and only 3 ingredients!  Easy! Makes 12 cookies Ingredients 2 cups ground almond 1/4 cup maple syrup 1 tbsp melted coconut oil Raspberry/strawberry/apricot jam for filling (I use St. Dalfour […]

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Maple syrup and walnut baked pumkin

Baked Pumpkin with Maple Syrup & Walnuts

  A great way to use up those pumpkins over Halloween or Thanksgiving.  Very healthy and nutritious as a vegetable and so versatile in what you do with this truly tasty veg.  I love to create healthy foods and hence using my left over pumpkin to create this delicious dessert. Serves 6 Ingredients 1 small […]

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Vegan Chocolate & Pumpkin Cake

Indulgent, chocolatey, heavenly and rich.  This is a great way to use this nutritious vegetable (pumpkin) in a sweet sponge cake. Ingredients 3 cups self-raising flour 2/3 cup cocoa powder (no added sugar) 2 tsp baking powder Pinch of salt 2 tsp apple cider vinegar 2 cups milk (soya, almond or coconut all work well) […]

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