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Introduction to Vegan Cooking & Baking, 12.10.18 or 03.11.18

Date:  Friday 12th October OR Saturday 3rd November 

Time:  10.30am – 1pm

Your Investment:  £60.00

Spaces strictly limited to 6 people so booking early is advisable.

Book directly by calling Guilda on 07772 502381 or email:

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Veganism is now officially one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle changes. When contemplating a switch to veganism, it’s a struggle to find healthy and appetising ways to replace calcium and protein in your diet. That’s why it is so important that vegan meals are nutritious yet still exciting. The idea of only eating only vegetables can seem pretty dull however it doesn’t need to be!

We will show you where to get your proteins for, where to source your ingredients, how best to eat (i.e. organic and seasonal) so that you can make delicious dishes that fulfil your nutritional needs.

This class isn’t just for vegans! Anyone who is interested in tasty vegan food or reducing their meat or dairy intake can benefit from our vegan cookery classes. By removing these two food groups, you’d be reducing your intake of saturated fats and excessive salt and sugar, while naturally increasing fibre, vitamins and minerals intake.

Learn how to cook with a range of vegan proteins, fruit, nuts and soya products using fresh herbs and spices to give you lots of flavoursome dishes to repeat at home.

Some of the dishes we will be cooking:

~ Satay crusted tofu with Asian slaw in a ginger, chilli and maple syrup dressing
~ Aubergine, courgette & chickpea tagine
~ Couscous with apricots, coriander and toasted almonds
~ Celery and radish sauerkraut
~ Apple pie/crumble with vanilla coconut cream

~ Creating a delicious chocolate and orange sponge cake

A vegan diet doesn’t have to be boring – let us show you how.

About the class

The class will be a hands on workshop where you will get involved in the creation of the foods specific to the days class, see exactly what goes into the dishes, how much, feel the textures for yourself in order to experience first hand how the foods are made. There will be an introduction on health and nutrition, why cooking mindfully and with focus is key, working cleanly as you go along and where to source ingredients and products. You will also be given a recipe card of what we have made during the class and some note paper so you can make your own notes.

The atmosphere will be friendly and relaxed and you will have the confidence to work in a safe environment.

If you have any special requirements or dietary requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact Guilda:

Mobile: 07772 502831

To book direct you can contact Guilda at the above contact details.

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